Kinetic Financial Advisors

Company Background

Kinetic Financial Advisors is an Independent Advisory Firm focused in investment management and financial planning with its core strategy being risk management and mitigation. With over 25 years of experience in risk management we create strategies that meet the financial needs with the lowest risk possible. And with Ian Quetglas, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional at your service, you know your investments are in good hands.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy focuses on active risk management.  As an independent advisor, we provide and allow investments with all US firms in addition to our own unique investment funds. With our team of experts, we create custom-made portfolios to fit the needs and meet the goals of each client. More importantly we always position the investments to mitigate risk. We consider liquidity and provide transparency in all our financial recommendations.

  • Independent services: There is no incentive for us to recommend specifics products and we are not limited to any investment platform. Although we associate with Interactive Brokers, we are custody neutral, our clients choose where they custody their funds.
  • Monthly and real-time reporting: With our technology and the help of our partners we are able to create reports with detailed information on demand.
  • Secure custodian: We partner with Interactive Brokers because they offer low cost, best-execution, and advanced technology that complements our services. 
  • Real-time risk management: We specialize in risk management, constantly monitoring the risk in real time with our partner’s state-of-the-art technology (Silexx).


  Kinetic Advisors Other Advisors

Monthly statements



Real-time market access



Experts in risk management (Hedging)



24-hour liquidity and financing options (Lendacy)



Full transparency and Bloomberg performance



Private equity risk management



Direct access to U.S. exchanges



No Hidden Fees



Independent Custodian Services



Merit based investment advisor relations



Offices in Puerto Rico and U.S.