From industry-leading financial technology, to exclusive investment opportunities, to unmatched financial reporting, to customized financing solutions, Kinetic Financial Advisors has developed strategic partnerships with the following financial services providers to meet the needs of investors:

Uncompromising Technology

Silexx is a team of highly experienced financial industry professionals with a unified passion for uncompromising technology. Their core focus is serving the needs of clients and finding solutions for tough problems with the goal of seeing the hard work reflected in clients’ satisfaction. They persistently push technology boundaries and work alongside clients to generate new ideas and improve their effectiveness, making success not just an option, but reality. Silexx strives to empower individuals and institutions alike to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with sophisticated and superior technology. Continuously learning, improving and adapting to ensure that clients have access to the very best execution, real-time analytics and risk management technology.


Mitigated Risk Investments

As an investor, you want a partner with an intimate understanding of financial markets, who employs state-of-the-art technology to manage and mitigate risk and who, as a result, can offer wise and creative guidance to succeed in a constantly changing, ever more complex financial environment. Kinetic believes in not only looking for opportunities that offer substantial rewards but also in recognizing and analyzing the inherent risks in each of those opportunities. By employing their experience and technology, they determine how to best mitigate that risk while enhancing the return on capital, whether it be in private equity, private index funds or gold and silver.


Superior Financial Reporting

El Morro Financial provides financial services for companies located in the United States and Puerto Rico that manage private equity investments and operate in the private investment fund market so those businesses can focus on their core deliverables. Experts in designing and developing financial reporting solutions, El Morro Financial is able to offer a host of financial services including reporting systems for private equity and investment funds, analytical studies for investment solutions, back office support services, financial business document translation services (from English to Spanish), presentations, project management and liaison services with partner companies.


Unique Lending Solutions

Lendacy offers customized lending solutions that provide accredited investors’ access to funds with flexible lines of credit at below prime rates. This allows these investors to meet their investment requirements and take advantage of investment opportunities, all while leaving 100% of their capital working and generating dividends and interest for them with the opportunity for continued appreciation. It’s the Lendacy solution for leveraging wealth to preserve and protect your financial legacy.