Wealth Management

Wealth management should be a bespoke service rather than a one size fits all solution. The fact is managing wealth means different things to different people because each client’s needs and circumstances are unique.  

Traditional wealth management service providers try to fit each client into a predefined box, and modern ‘robo-advisors’ run the same algorithm for everyone. Either way your solution is a generic one and may not address your unique circumstances.

Kinetic Financial Advisors takes a different approach. We listen to the client, evaluate their needs, and understand their desires. We use a combination of premier technology, professionals with real-world experience, and access to unique products not found in the big retail financial advisor world.

Private Equity Projects

The Kinetic Financial Advisors team has spent decades working with leaders with proven track records in a variety of industries. With our partners we have identified unique opportunities in the private equity world. From real estate and healthcare, to technology and traditional business, Kinetic has, in many cases, exclusive access to these vetted projects.

Investment Management

Kinetic Financial Advisors also works directly with institutions by offering unparalleled service with a primary focus on risk management. Traditional investment managers routinely focus on the perceived risk of the investments. They use “credit ratings” and other statistical popular risk matrices. The problem with the typical approach is that it ignores two principal factors:

1. Liquidity Risk

Just because a credit rating, a mark value, appraised value, or one of the many assumed measures of value say an investment is worth X, the real value is what someone else is willing to pay regardless of assumed values. We have seen bonds that fail, companies that collapse, and homes valued at $1M that never sell. Financial advisors and their investors are routinely measuring and valuing their investments based on these perceived values, never considering the ability to liquidate a position.

Kinetic Financial Advisors takes the additional and needed step in evaluating liquidity risk of all our investments. When you need to sell, can you?

2. Proactive Risk Management

Traditional financial advisors are reactive risk managers. They react only after the fact. If you held bonds and the credit rating drops, they may TRY to sell the bonds after the ratings collapsed. When a stock has bad news and starts to fall they may TRY to sell the stock in a falling market or use an excuse that everyone is losing money.

Kinetic takes the approach of proactively mitigating risk. Whether using listed options to hedge against falling markets or to work with one of our partners like Lendacy to insure against liquidity risk, proactive risk management is a cornerstone of our approach.